Save the Grove

Help stop a developer from demolishing this historic 1920 home.

Come to a hearing with the Historic Preservation Board at 3pm, December 2, City Hall.

3529 St. Gaudens Road

Please join us at the hearing December 2.  Presenting testimony in support of saving this home are:  

Noted historian, author and preservationist Arva Parks 

History Miami's Dr. Paul George 

and Miami-Dade Heritage Trust's Becky Matkov.  

Don't let another piece of our heritage disappear forever.

This home was designed by the prominent architectural firm, Kiehnel and Elliott, whose many South Florida buildings include Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart, on the National Register of Historic Places. Built with outstanding design and craftsmanship, little has changed on the property through the years. 

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The structure is in pristine shape, especially with respect to its poly-chromed balustrades, which are presently rarely available in their original condition. The home also features wood balconies, characteristic original hardwood floors, a wood-burning fireplace, red tiled roof and stuccoed walls.